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The full collection of all the writings from various blogs by the late, great William Battersby.

This website is managed by his children. Huge thanks go to Logan Zachary for tracking down the lost articles.

"This covers William Battersby's research into the Franklin Expedition of 1845-1848 and specifically my book, 'James Fitzjames: the Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition'. William studied Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London (now part of University College, London) and graduated with First Class Honours. He was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He was also very interested in music and am a private pilot, flying a high performance Super Dimona motor-glider. William was convinced that multi-disciplinary research which combines archaeology, a proper understanding of Inuit family memories and archival research can yield a far better understanding of the Franklin tragedy."

Historic Wall Carvings

We hear from those we cannot know

The pleasures of a sailor's life

That when we on the waters go

We pass our days in useless strife

But I contend that one may be

Happier anywhere else at sea

First verse of a poem written by James Fitzjames in the back of his journal at Portsmouth on 20 August 1834

James FitzJames



Historic Wall Carvings

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